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New Surgery, Emergency Room and Intensive care Pavilion

The project concerns a new pavilion, in connection with the existing building for ward (building C), which is conceived to host the new surgical unit, the pediatric intensive care unit, the pediatric emergency room with ward for
pediatric emergency, the medical imaging diagnostic unit.

The new building is composed of five above-ground floors (one reserved for technical services rooms), a basement level and an underground level; it is located within the area at the corner between the streets San Galdino and Castelvetro, defining a new access for the ER and a new main pedestrian entrance.

This solution allows the aggregation and coordination in one block of all the functions demanding for high asistencial commitment and availability of high-tech equipments and systems. At the same time, it redefines the whole hospital complex, ensuring a general reorganization of the paths and a new healthcare organization based on the intensity of cares.

The detailed design phase shares all the development goals and the cultural concepts which were expressed by the preliminary project, especially those concerning the new dimension in healthcare quality, summarized in the “Decalogue
of the exemplary hospital”. The new hospital must be able to reconcile technological complexity with the human dimension, to provide healthy environments for the users and to create comfortable workspaces for the operators.

The project also translates in specific design choices and devices the requirement of a general flexibility of the hospital organism, conceived to permit both the best management of the construction phase and the possibility to intervene without constraints during the building life-time, adapting the lay-out to the changed operational requirements.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

 ILSPA Infrastrutture Lombarde


> Period 


> Architectural design


Castiglioni & Nardi

Project Summary


11.000 sqm

Value of works

40 MLN


- Detailed design for MEP systems

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