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New HQ of the Graduate Institute for advanced studies of Pavia (IUSS)

The historical building of Broletto is located in Piazza della Vittoria, in Pavia’s ancient center. The building dates from the XII century and, therefore, is the most ancient civil building of the Lombardia region.
The complex of Broletto appears as a massive building, subdivided in a ground floor, two upper levels and a garret; some public institutions are located at the ground floor, such as the City Museum and a Tourist Office. The new seat of the Graduate Institute for advanced studies of Pavia will occupy the first and second floor and the garret, with spaces for pre-graduate and post-graduate training and spaces for administrative and executive offices.

The interventions, directed to the restoration and valorization of the architectural complex, are inspired by an approach based on the knowledge and respect of the traditional technics used in its construction. In particular, the intervention concerning the structures is articulated in a first phase, devoted to identify the static scheme, to evaluate the status of conservation and to parameterize the mechanical characteristics of the existing structural elements, and a second phase, aimed to define the interventions, limited to the necessary ones and avoiding a widespread invasiveness in a context characterized by high artistic and cultural value.

> Location

   Pavia, Italy

> Client 



> Period 

   2008 - 2010

> Architectural design

Marco e Francesco Albini

Project Summary


5.800 sqm

Value of works

3.9 MLN


- Preliminary, detailed and construction design for structures and installations,

- Safety coordination plans, 

- Construction supervision

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