The Cathedral by Populous—a new stadium design of Milano and for Milano, set in the most sustainable sports and entertainment district in Europe.

The stadium will provide a world-class home for AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano and is designed to incorporate their identities into the very fabric of the building. It forms a centrepiece for a new San Siro District, a sustainable 365-days-a-year destination that will take the clubs, the fans and the community into an exciting and prosperous future.

Populous is the world expert in designing and delivering football stadia. Over the last 36 years, we’ve built over 3,000 of the world’s most recognisable sports and entertainment venues including over 1,325 stadiums. Based out of London and Milano, with over 300 Italian staff, Team Populous has designed a stadium that is true to the people of Milano and honours the city’s heritage.

The italian contribution has come by TEKNE spa and Maffeis Engineering.

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