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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Departments

The new University Campus is located in a territory that is part of the vast agricultural production area of ​​Lombardy and Emilia Romagna: a location that is a candidate to take a prominent position in Southern Europe, among the major Research Centers dedicated to life sciences applied to veterinary, zootechnical and agri-food sector.

The project aims at a strong integration between education and research, favoring the unification of all functions in a single complex architectural body: an articulated, flexible and highly interconnected structure, which is configured as a landmark in the landscape of the Lodi countryside.

The planovolumetric system has four blocks of three floors, connected to the ground floor by a "plate" covered by a roof garden. The four blocks are in turn each composed of two parallel buildings, containing the departments' offices and laboratories, connected by vertical distribution volumes; they thus form patios that descend to the ground, piercing the plate and ensuring ventilation and natural lighting to all environments.

The ground floor is entirely intended for educational spaces and is divided into four main areas, linked by an equipped connective space that also contains collective and representative spaces, such as the aula magna and the museum.

The proposal is aimed at ensuring maximum flexibility; an intent that is also pursued through the rationalization of the plant layouts and the use of semi-prefabricated structural solutions, which allow the creation of wide open spaces

> Location

   Lodi, Italy

> Client 

 Maltauro S.p.a.


> Period 


> Architectural design

WiP - Arch. L.Varesi

Project Summary


38.000 sqm

Value of works

50.9 MLN


- Detailed architectural, structural and MEP for integrated tender

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