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Offices, factory and warehouse

The Manifattura Berluti in Ferrara aims to be a center of excellence, where high quality production technology can be developed and made known.

The project consists of a new building that houses - along with spaces for production and logistics - workshops, offices and reception areas.
According with this program, the project collects the different units in a single
volume - mainly on one floor - providing a division into three main areas:
• offices and reception area;
• production;
• logistics.

The organization of the units meets the needs for logistics and production, in order to ensure both the flow of people and goods and the best environmental and living conditions for the staff.

The division between these macro-zones is marked by internal distribution channels and land-marks placed on the roof. In particular, the central courtyard, which is the main area of conviviality, marks the main axis of the
whole structure.

Internally the quality of the fit out, also for the factory area, is kept very high in order to provide to the visitor and to the work force with the mission of quality of the brand .
The building is designed at the high BREEAM standard and the comfort inside is provided through a multi-zone HVAC system.

> Location

   Ferrara, Italy

> Client 

   Berluti SA


> Period 

   2012 - 2015

> Architectural design

   Philippe Barthélémy & Sylvia Griño

Project Summary


8.000 sqm

Value of works

12.5 MLN


- Architectural and structural design assistance,

- MEP design,

- Bill of quantities,

- Fire safety design plan,

- Assistance for tender contract,

- Construction supervision, 

- Safety and security plan.



Archdaily mention for

Manifattura Berluti

Ferrara, Italy

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