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University of Trento

The project concerns a new University building for the Faculty of Literature, in the city center; the building contains classrooms, teachers’ studios, administrative offices. 

Among the most relevant issues concerning this project, the façade solution is a very interesting one, because of the specific requirement for good lighting conditions and thermal comfort, minimizing losses and solving the problem of sunshine. Except the concrete walls and the parts covered by stone wall facing, all the outside walls are realized with curtain wall systems.

Tekne has directly dealt with the structure design; the adopted solution presents a mix of concrete structures, for the two underground levels, and steel structures, for the levels above the ground. 

This choice was determined by several considerations, referred to the necessity for light solutions (with the aim to reduce the weight and the masses affected by the seismic event), or to the presence of considerable spans, in opposition to the limited spaces available for structural elements, or to the necessity for a high flexibility in building’s use, considering also the possibility to modify the floors in the easiest way.

A special steelwork has been designed for the footbridge along the T. Gar street.

> Location

   Trento, Italy

> Client 

 University of Trento


> Period 

   2000 - 2004

> Architectural design

Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm

Project Summary


16.000 sqm

Value of works

36 MLN


- Project management, 

- Preliminary and detailed design for structures, 

- Cost evaluation and control, 

- Safety coordination plans

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