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Multifunctional district

The new district “Le Albere” in Trento, which arises from the transformation of the former Michelin industrial site, consists of residential and office buildings, public services and community facilities, commercial spaces, for an overall
built area of 199.000 square meters, divided as follows:
- 48.000 square meters for housing
- 8.500 square meters for retail space
- 28.000 square meters for offices
- 4.000 square meters for hotellerie (residence)
- 11.000 square meters for exhibition space (museum)
- 3.000 square meters for multi-functional space (auditorium)
- 96.000 square meters for underground parking.

The plan calls for a horizontal reading of the relationship between the new buildings and the surrounding open spaces, preferring a limited height of buildings, whose rhythms and whose dimensional scale are comparable to those
of the ancient city.

The entire new district is so characterized by 4 or 5-storey buildings, with courtyard buildings and multi-storey buildings as prevalent typologies. All the blocks have the upper floor set back from the outer border, to give a more
proportionate perception of the fronts from the street. The volumes of the penthouse apartments are covered with a sloping roof and contain a mezzanine floor in order to host duplex apartments.

The new district also hosts two “special elements”, the auditorium and the museum, which will act as aggregating magnets, for both inhabitants and for the rest of the city.
The overall design aspires to a very great harmony, as with respect to the existing buildings and the closest urban elements, with respect to the landscape.

Through their technological solutions, as well as through the choice of materials, the buildings nourish the dual objective of articulating and enriching the urban environment, solving the needs related to the different functions and
to the specific location of each building, and at the same time preserving the character of a strongly unified intervention.

> Location

  Trento, Italy

> Client 

  RPBW and Castello sgr


> Period 

   2006 - 2008

> Architectural design


Project Summary


199.000 sqm

Value of works

160 MLN

- Civil works construction design,

- Project and Construction Management,

- Construction supervision,

- Safety plan during construction phase,

- Construction manager.

- Quantity surveys


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