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University of Trento

The project concerns a new building for the enlargement of the existing Faculty. The new building has a façade 90 meters long and consists of four levels above ground and three underground levels: one of them includes part of an existing underground parking.

The adopted solution, in the composition of volumes, has allowed the restoration of the continuity of the ancient curtain. The new building, in fact, is inserted in the area named Sacro Cuore, one of the most ancient districts of the city, and is close to a notable archaeological site, which is valorized by means of a new pedestrian route, enabling the visit and the public fruition.
The inclusion in this urban context is also favoured by the skillful use of materials. Looking to the historical typological characters, the Architects have chosen for the wall facing a local natural stone, known as “rosso Trento”, which is modulated according to a characteristic pattern, recalling the nearby church of Santa Maria.

The cores for the vertical distribution are positioned at the two sides of the broad hall at the ground floor; this space is conceived as a kind of foyer or public agora, open to the city.
At the upper floors, the project defines two big terrace classrooms, adjacent and opposite, which are separated by a central movable wall: when the panels are open, the two classrooms can be used together as a unique hall. The last
level hosts teachers’ studios.

Mario Botta’s architectural project is accompanied by a project for integrated systems for home automation and energy saving, so the building results in a structure environmentally sustainable.
In relation to facilities equipment, is worth mentioning the hall’s cabin for simultaneous translation and the control room, complete with audio and video systems, CCTV cameras and video-conferencing, telephone and internet.

> Location

   Trento, Italy

> Client 

 University of Trento


> Period 

   2000 - 2004

> Architectural design

Mario Botta

Project Summary


3.500 sqm

Value of works



- Preliminary, detailed and construction design for technical installations,

-Construction supervision

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