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New trade fair center

The construction of the new Brescia Trade Fair Center saw the realization of the winning project of the Design Competition held in 1997. Designed to be a showcase of excellence, the exhibition center is designed not only to offer companies and operators spaces in which to promote its activities, through fairs, congresses, events and forums, but also to constitute a meeting place and cultural exchange.

This sought-after flexibility of use has been at the center of the proposed design solution. Pavilion 1 - built in the first

lot - is in fact characterized by a load-bearing structure in steel and laminated wood on large spans, which allows the interior space to be kept completely free of structural obstructions.

The Exhibition Center was also equipped with state-of-the-art network technologies, to function as a real multimedia center: "always on" internet access and fiber optic cabling. The technological systems are distributed on the floor, also in this case with the aim of leaving the surfaces completely free.

> Location

   Brescia, Italy

> Client 

 Immobiliare Fiera di Brescia S.p.A.


> Period 

   1997 - 2002

> Architectural design

Arch. Piotrowski, Arch. Montesi

Project Summary


197.200 sqm

Value of works

51.7 MLN


- Concept, detailed, construction design for MEP,

- Construction supervision,

- Technical coordination

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