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Renovation historical complex

The complex of the former Military Hospital, in the historical center of Florence, is configured as a small closed world, to protect life, all internal, first conventual and then military, behind the long wall on via Cavour and the curtain walls on via San Gallo.

The project proposal, in the competition to define the urban concept based on which to draw up the detailed plan for the recovery of the area, sought a balance between this introverted and protected character and the vocation of the area to greater permeability, compared to the city ​​life.

In this perspective, the project sought possible openings and structured some open spaces, maintaining the recognisability of the relationships between the inside and the outside, but configuring a composite urban landscape, dense with visuals, distances, lively environments and protected places. .

The study of a possible mix of new urban functions has been accompanied by a careful analysis of the historical-architectural values ​​of the existing structures, in order to enhance the characteristics of the place, giving it a new architectural and urban quality.

The aspects of sustainability have been equally decisive in indicating approaches and selection criteria related to orientation of the fronts, creation of shaded areas, facilitation of natural ventilation.

> Location

   Florence, Italy

> Client

CDP Investimenti SGR S.p.A 


> Period 

   2019 - Ongoing

> Architectural design

   Rossi Prodi Architetti

Project Summary


40.000 sqm

Value of works

120 MLN

- Urban planning variation and Masterplan,

- Structure and MEP design,

- Sustainability



vista San Gallo 3.jpg

San Gallo project

Florence, Italy

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