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Retail Park

The new Carrefour shopping center in Limbiate - the largest in Europe for the French chain - consists of a gallery with shops, catering areas and services and two large sales areas, as well as storage areas, preparation laboratories, offices and technical rooms.

The complex, designed based on the concept of the HOK London studio, consists of three main volumes: the hypermarket, built with a prefabricated structure on large free lights; the gallery, structured along a main semi-elliptical path, from which two further diagonal malls branch off; finally, the extraordinary entrance volume of the "sail", made with steel and lamellar wood structures (both with beam and with ribbed plate) and a covering with zinc-titanium coating.


The central portion of the "sail" houses the Food Gallery of the shopping gallery, while in the two lateral "wings" the glazed volumes of the two tapered axes "towers" stand out.

The presence of different structural systems and complex geometries required the resolution of delicate static and constructive connection problems and the considerable development of details, in particular for the construction of special shaped structures and the execution of knots and joints.

> Location

   Limbiate, Italy

> Client 



> Period 

   2003 - 2005

> Architectural design

   Aedis Architetti Associati

Project Summary


83.000 sqm

Value of works

42 MLN

- Civil works and structures technical design,

- Construction supervision,

- Work schedule and cost control,

- Construction design,

- Bill of quantities, 

- Safety and security.


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