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Politecnico di Milano

The new university campus is the brainchild of Renzo Piano donated to the Milan Polytechnic and the development and development of the original idea of ​​the ODB-OTTAVIO DI BLASI & Partners studio. The project proposes a profound rethinking of the spaces of the Via Bonardi Campus, modeled above all on the needs of the students, making it open, international, avant-garde bearer, revolving around 3 key points:

- the green: the new campus will be characterized by a large number of trees and green spaces,

- the relationship with historic buildings, which will be respected, restoring their original appearance,

- the practicable terraces: the roofs of the low buildings will be usable for outdoor activities and events.

The basement level, the one of the patio of Architecture, is the most lived place as a center of aggregation. Thus we thought of four new buildings at this level, sufficiently low to guarantee perfect visibility from the existing Giò Ponti buildings. The new buildings will house a cutting-edge laboratory of architectural modeling, digital and design technologies, as well as teaching classrooms and additional study areas, for a total of 4,200 square meters.

The old modeling laboratory, familiarly known as "Submarine", will be eliminated to allow the birth of a new open space to be lived in aggregative form. A wood of 8,000 square meters, which will directly connect the Architecture patio with the "Trifoglio" and the "Nave", in a continuous of open and closed spaces, where also the roofs of the new buildings will be practicable, with consequent elimination of cement and internal parking lots.

Making cities better places means opening environments, flooding with light, creating places of "urbanity" like the new green space, shared with the city and open to all. The aims of the project, therefore, are:

- the development of a green connective tissue capable of relating old and new buildings of the Campus,

- the creation of a place of excellence consistent with the international ambitions of the Polytechnic,

- the development of a Model Laboratory, symbol of the capacity of the University "know-how",

- the increase in the number of study spaces, educational spaces and open spaces,

- the enhancement of historic buildings on campus.

> Location

   Milan, Italy

> Client 

 Politecnico di Milano


> Period 

   2017 - 2018

> Architectural design


Project Summary


20.000 sqm

Value of works

35 MLN


- Detailed system design MEP

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