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Building for office and laboratories

The project for the new Caleffi Research Center is part of the expansion plan of the industrial complex designed by TEKNE in 1973. The building houses the material testing laboratories and the related operational areas on the two floors above ground; in the basement there are technical rooms, a small garage and storage areas.

The Caleffi Research Center, as well as designing and testing new eco-sustainable products, applies to the study of solutions for the efficient use of renewable energy sources. It is for this reason that the building that houses the Center was designed, together with Caleffi technicians, to be - almost a manifesto of the corporate mission - energy self-sufficient: it uses renewable energy, using geothermal energy for air conditioning, solar energy thermal for the production of domestic hot water and solar photovoltaic for the production of electricity.

The use of these solutions, together with the low consumption given by the use of materials with low coefficients of thermal dispersion and the elimination of thermal bridges, allowed to obtain one of the first Class A CENED certifications.

> Location

   Fontaneto d'Agogna, Italy

> Client 

 Caleffi S.p.a.


> Period 

   2006 - 2008

> Architectural design

TEKNE S.p.a.

Project Summary


3.000 sqm

Value of works

3.2 MLN


- Overall construction supervision,

- Integrated and coordinated design,

- Health and safety during design and construction phase,

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