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University of Trento

The construction of the new Central Library is planned in the central S. Severino square. The library is entirely organized with open shelves, on five levels (above ground), being the storage and the technical spaces in the underground levels.

The building has a triangular shape; the structure is composed by vertical elements, such as concrete cores and walls, used as braces, while the beams and the pillars are made with metal carpentry; the floors are made with metaldeck
type elements.
The metal carpentry is designed in order to obtain a weight saving, in compliance with the minimum dimensions required; the columns, for instance, have a cross shape, obtained by assembling metal plates.

The foundation system is formed by a concrete bed, set on deep elements consisting of piles and baffles of bulkhead; the presence of these last elements guarantees the requested high performances.
The behavior of the building under the action of vertical and horizontal loads has been analyzed using a three-dimensional model, which simulates point by point the geometric and mechanic characteristics of the structures.

> Location

 Trento, Italy

> Client 

 University of Trento


> Period 

   2005 - 2011

> Architectural design

Mario Botta

Project Summary


29.000 sqm

Value of works

39.4 MLN


- Preliminary and detailed design for structures, 

- Cost control,

- Safety coordination plans

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