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New headquarter, Exhibition and Logistic center in Verona

Autogerma complex is an hub of relevance European and one of the leading automotive logistics centers, distributing the Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Seat and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on the Italian market.

The project covered an area of ​​more than 15 hectares, connected to the nearby railway lines, and developed a series of multi-purpose buildings:

office buildings: 10,000 sqm
exhibition center: 1,500 sqm
canteens and kitchens: 2.000 sqm
didactic spaces: 2.000 sqm
Workshops: 1.000 sqm
warehouses: 51,300 sqm

Warehouses, in particular, stand out in conventional (automated and non),and intensive including a dedicated office area.

The plant  design, in these buildings, includes the use of radiators for heating. Particulary interesting is the integrated management system, which controls both mechanical, electrical and security / access control isystems.

Equally interesting is the implementation of an integrated and centralized (fully automated) management system for handling and storage goods equipment, distributed in intensive, slow and fast-moving warehouses

> Location

  Verona, Italy

> Client 

Autogerma S.p.a


> Period 

   1996 - 1998

> Architectural Design


Project Summary


68.400 sqm

Value of works

46 MLN

- Feasibility studies,

- Integrated and coordinated design,

- Assistance to tender,

- Logistics planning, 

- Construction Management


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