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Renovation and expansion of the Terminal in Genova

The works have involved both the inside and the outside of the terminal, which has been completely renovated with respect to the image and the rationalization of paths and functions. Areas for parking, departure and transit, support services, offices, VIP lounges, check in and security checks, etc., have been redesigned and fully refurbished, using new materials and finishing, as well installing new systems.

The Departures Hall has been redesigned by rationalizing the various functions, expanding the existing ticketing and realizing a new Alitalia desk. The check-in area has been reinforced and new paths to the departure lounges have been created. The arrivals hall was expanded as well, creating a new connection with landing and transit area by escalators and elevators groups.

The boarding lounges have been redesigned, while reorganizing the framework of commercial activities and services (shops, bars, duty-free, etc.) making it more permeable to the passengers waiting for the entrance to the fingers and improving the paths to for safety checks barrier.

Also the entry points the terminal have been redesigned, with their canopies, and the finger of embarkation and disembarkation.

The exterior of the terminal has been redesigned by reorganizing the various functions, hierarchising and scoring paths, expanding parking and making a “Mediterranean garden” areas in front of the terminal building. From the garden comes off a pedestrian axis that leads from the terminal to car parks. The pedestrian axis is characterized by a double line of trees.

> Location

   Genova, Italy

> Client 

 Aeroporto di Genova


> Period 

   2000 - 2001

> Architectural Design

Frigerio Design Group

Project Summary


11.000 sqm

Value of works

6.5 MLN


- Construction design,

- Construction management,

- Health and safety coordination.

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